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U.S. Election Night - The Academy of the Impossible

Tuesday Night, November 6 2012 231 Wallace Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


  1. Do you find yourself talking to empty chairs? Are you frightened to death America will vote for Romney? Well then don't be alone, come hang out at the Academy of the Impossible to celebrate the start of a new American Election Campaign! That's right, after two years of hidden video cameras, homophobic fast food joints and even missspelling the word America, the United States Election is finally here!

    Join us at the Academy of the Impossible on Tuesday November 6th to watch the U.S.A. elect a leader with the #topoli community. The guys at will start off the night with a live comedic podcast to set up the races to watch, all the while getting you caught up on the insanity that you've missed. We'll be joined by special guests and countdown the funniest political YouTube moments of the last two years. Remember Herman Cain? Neither do we, but YouTube does!
    Come watch the results roll in, while laughing at the most absurd media moments of the night.

    So, don't sit home alone and tweet this election by yourself, come hang out with us and tweet next to somebody! "Amercia Decides 2012" at the Academy of the Impossible will be this years most fun political meetup or Mitt Romney will give you your money back!

    *No Secret Videotaping we promise!**
    **We don't actually promise that