How Twitter is working for Monmouthshire Council

A look at some tweets to give flavour of why social media is such a valuable way to engage. Our approach has helped this work for us.


  1. People have a place to express their satisfaction, it's great for officer morale and to have positive chats and comments from the community
  2. Just a simple retweet of a plea from a local person who had lost her dog makes us all feel good when the dog is found in a neighbouring county.
  3. Lots of feedback from people all over the UK and beyond on our open, trusting approach to social media. This first tweet is from a resident who helped us with one of our social media surgeries
  4. A response to our open spaces 'Your Places, Your Way' event liveblog from a local government blogger in Walsall and other interested tweeters.
  5. Locals like that they can submit Freedom of Information requests using Twitter
  6. It was fascinating to see how news of Monmouthpedia gripped people all over the world
  7. It's not just big, snazzy projects like Monmouthpedia - Twitter gives us a chance to have quick, useful communication and our open staff policy means that the right people (in this case our Head of Adult Services) have the opportunity to give the info.