7 Billion People

Some interesting information about world population for teenage intermediate learners of English as a foreign language.


  1. Read the story of world population growth.
  2. Watch the video and answer the questions:
    1.  How long did it take to reach 1 billion people?
    2.  How long was it between 6 and 7 billion people?
    3.  What is the "Baby Boom"?
    4.  How long will take to reach 8 billion people?
    5.  Is population growth still accelerating?
    6.  Do you think governments should control population?  If yes, how?
  3. Read the text about population growth.  Are these statements true or false?  (write in your notebook):

    1.  The world’s seven-billion person is likely to be born on Halloween.

    2.  Analysts say it is no coincidence this baby will be born on Halloween.

    3.  The U.N. says the baby will probably be born in India.

    4.  The world population in 1960 was around 4 billion fewer than today.

    5.  A university professor said the consequences for us are not too bad.

    6.  A CNN spokesman did a painting on the growth in population.

    7.  The New York Times said there’s a lot more space for lots more people.

    8.  An editor likened the human race to slugs.

  4. What's your number?  Type your date of birth and find out what your number is in the world population.