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TWITTER SCAVENGER HUNT AT American University in Cairo


  1. It was very interesting and intriguing assignment to be able to come up to people and ask them questions.Definitely it required courage and am not sort of person who would come up to people, but after that assignment, I am more confident. Professor Fox, surely had made us to go out of our comfort zone. It took place on 8th of March at AUC I and my classmate Yara El Said went down and started asking students, professors. We asked for information that tells people outside about our university and campus life through the hashtag of our class #JRMC202 and #JRLWeb. Hope you enjoy our university story through the people of AUC. Also this assignment made us interact with other students from all over the world, which was fun to see.
  2. Unkownn fact about AUC, we have secret tunnles, sounds intense and dark. Wonder how it looks like underground.
  3. Professor Ronnie Close, just made a very remarkable statement, that sticks to the mind. I can agree with it now and in the future.
  4. Interacting with students, who also shared the same Twitter Task.
  5. Keeping up social and academic life, surely is a hard task.
  6. I could not agree more, social media had made us socially retarded.
  7. I love the scenery and the photo, so peaceful and inviting :)
  8.  I like the spirit of "Free Style", wish I could bring Molly my dog on campus. 
  9. Variety of student clubs to choose from, for me I do not find them appealing, as I feel they do not do anything.
  10. Luckily, we have technology here at AUC, as it were not for technology, academic life would be hell.
  11. I usually sit here, waiting for my classes, it happens they are all in the same place.
  12. Yara loves to hang out by the stairs in front of Cilantro.