Quick and Easy Ways to Add a Facebook Feed to Your Website

Publishing your Facebook feed to your website can increase engagement, sharing and Edgerank (see edgerank.net for explanation). Here are 3 quick ways to add a Facebook feed to your website. Please let me know what I missed in the comments, and if it's good I'll add it!


  1. Postano allows you to add a Facebook feed that auto-updates. Just add your Facebook address and Postano gives you an embeddable code which you simply copy and paste into your website. You can also add Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and RSS feeds to the "iframe", so it's all aggregated on the same page allowing users to interact with and follow all of your social channels. This is a premium app so it's great for income producing sites, and since it's not free you know that not everyone is going to be using it. Free 30 day trial.
  2. Facebook provides a plug-in that allows you to add a comments thread to any page and allows FB users that are logged in to comment. The cool thing about this is that commenters can opt to have their comments published to their Facebook page which can increase interactions and drive traffic back to your page.
  3. This video tutorial describes how to take a bit of code (provided by David Taylor Webmedia) to which you simply add your Facebook page address. This gives you an iframe with a live feed of your Facebook page. Simple and effective! They also have a lot of other helpful videos about internet marketing.
  4. Integrate your live Facebook feed into your website