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Wednesday, Jan. 10


  1. Breaking for cake

  2. It's Sen. Chris Van Hollen's 59th birthday and his staffers got him a cake.

  3. A new Dean

  4. Rep. Don Young of Alaska has officially been named the Dean of the House of Representatives, replacing Rep. John Conyers who resigned over sexual harassment allegations. Here are some highlights from Speaker Paul Ryan's announcement on the floor and Young's speech after.

  5. Spotted

  6. Former Rep. Gabby Giffords was spotted chatting with senators in the Capitol, one of which was Sen. Tammy Baldwin.

  7. Taking it on the chin

  8. Rep. Brendan Boyle appeared on “Morning Joe” this morning with scrapes visible on his face.

    "I'd love to tell you he took a scrape to the chin fighting for justice and legislative fairness for the hard-working people of Pennsylvania,'" a spokesman said. But the truth is the congressman slipped and fell after freezing rain left some icy patches in D.C. earlier this week.

  9. Start scheduling

  10. The Office of Compliance announced it is ready for congressional offices to have them come in and hold anti-discrimination and anti-harassment training.

  11. Flashback

  12. Representing UCF