1. They've got the wrong publication

  2. But here's a suggestion...

  3. If you moc it, rock it

  4. Giffords gets a room

  5. Sounds kind of... dodgy

  6. That's a pretty tempting invitation

  7. Dramatic effect

  8. Mall ballers mobilize

  9. News that the National Park Service plans to restrict access for sports on the National Mall around the Washington Monument to preserve new turf has those who play in recreational leagues up in arms.

    They have mobilized to fight the NPS plan, arguing that recreation was the intent of the Mall and that access to it is often cited as a reason the District always rates high in quality of life surveys, and launching a petition drive.

    Update: D.C. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton just got into the game, enlisting colleagues from Maryland and Virginia to ask the NPS to reconsider its decision.

  10. Troll on...

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