TEDMED 2013: Great Challenges of Being a Patient, Caregiver, & End of Life...Plus Hive Startups & Social Photos!

TEDMED 2013 Great Challenges explores how storytelling and narrative can help us gain a deeper understanding of some of the greatest challenges we face.


  1. "The Great Challenges of Health and Medicine are complex, persistent problems that have medical and non-medical causes, impact millions of lives, and affect the well-being of all...These knotty problems are not susceptible to simple cures or “one-size-fits-all” solutions because they stem from broad, interlocking social, economic and psychological sources as well as from medical or scientific triggers. Each challenge creates multiple, overlapping effects that may cut across all sectors of society. TEDMED believes that through an open, ongoing dialog with our intellectually diverse community, we can move toward a broad-based understanding of each challenge"

  2.               (There are more fun photos at the end!)
  3. End Of Life & Death...it happens to us all