Hackathons: Geek-Event Gone Mainstream Is Breeding Innovation

"Hackathons have gone mainstream. Not only is a diverse mix of people ever-present and competing at hackathons today (women, minorities, baby-boomers, etc.), but non-tech talent...people from all walks of life are innovating together to solve big world problems!"

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  1. “Far from the impromptu, overnight pizza parties full of college hacks eager to "create cool stuff" and show off their coding skills, Hackathons of today are big business. Streamlined, professionally organized and overflowing with corporate sponsorships and investor-participation, today's hackathon offers unlimited opportunities for corporations seeking business solutions and innovation, investors looking for the next great startup and entrepreneurs who are inspired to innovate, collaborate and make a difference in the world. “


    The opportunities are, indeed, endless. Hackathon events are, more than ever, hyper-focused on solving real world problems across all industries in need of technological innovation such as health, social activism, government, the meat industry, and sanitation. There are even hackathons targeted at helping governments combat corruption .


    Join us as our esteemed panel of experts take on the Hackathon.”

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  9. MEETUP: Invasion of the Hackathons
  10. MEETUP: Invasion of the Hackathons