Advice for #HBS2015

We asked our followers to give our incoming class once piece of advice - here's what they offered up!

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  1. make best use of your time in harvard
  2. stick with baker library books
  3. be on first name bases w/ faculty.
  4. Get ready for the wild ride...
  5. Have some innovative ideas for the future economy
  6. tap the best knowledge you can to make someone great in future!
  7. When you stop making excuses results come!
  8. to find a work-life-balance.
  9. It's customary (tradition) to put the feet on the table.
  10. Study and study more. Applied for 2016. So I'm hopeful
  11. Love whatever you do... And make it happen
  12. use the beautiful minds of theirs more than the books..
  13. don't take it so seriously, have some fun.
  14. Go to Peru and develop a country in need of great professionals and business contacts to continue in the path of growth, open to the world.
  15. keep calm and enjoy the term!