The Hartford21 Covered Parking

Your Home Your Choice


  1. At Hartford21, we take care of all the customer’s needs from reservations to accommodations. The towering apartment complex that we have built is not only a place where one can sleep for the night but is actually a one-stop shop of the requirements of traveling businessmen, families and individuals who expects something more than just lodging.

    Visitors for instance will find the following features built into the Hartford21 apartment complex that could save them time and money looking for other facilities. These include the Business Center, a 24-hour concierge service, Internet lounge with plasma TV and surround sound, Club Room with pool table, 2 plasma TV's and surround sound,State-of-the-art fitness center with cardio equipment and individual entertainment center, Party Room, Massage Therapy Room and Parking garage on-site.

    At Hartford21, we have installed spacious, secure, vehicle parking sheds for the traveling businessman or families vacationing in Hartford. Constructed with metal roof covering sand posts, one unit of parking space can accommodate 25 cars of various types that include:

    1. Sedans
    2. Sports Utility Vehicles(SUVs)
    3. Classic Cars
    4. Recreational Vehicles (RVs)
    5. Boats
    6. Trailers
    7. Trucks
    8. ATV' s

    Located in a large developed area outside the apartment complex, the spacious covered parking lots are well-lit,secured and installed with surveillance cameras. You need not worry about your vehicle once you check in as a resident or guest, as our well-trained security guardsregularly make rounds to check on the parked vehicles.

    Make sure that you provide the staff at the reception area with details of your vehicle that you parked in theHartford21 Covered parking. This will make easy for our staff to secure your vehicle. Your worry-free stay at the Hartford21 apartment complex is assured for the entire length of time.
    You can easily interact with theHartford21 Home Apartment community staff for a number of requests like paying rent, 24-hour maintenance, connection services, and other ancillary or support services by calling the reception desk or concierge services.

    The Hartford21 Home Apartment allows for efficient accommodation as the management’s customer service is expressed in the mission of "making people feel comfortable and important."Each potential customer is treated as a potential residential partner and isgiven due attention and recognition, especially with regards to inquiries made.

    One feels at home in Hartford21 as an elegantly built, fully furnished, well-maintained and spacious living facility integrated into the total apartment design for executives,businessmen, students, families and corporate groups intending to stay for longer periods of time within its leasing terms.

    Space between apartments provides an atmosphere of wellness and exuberance that can inspire people to move around and interact with other residents in a friendly and harmonious manner. Huge arrays of window panes add an artistic feature to the entire apartment building facility.

    From the higher floors, behind the large glass window panes, one can have a truly exciting panoramic view of the river front, the city streets and buildings below where you can also have a glimpse of the Hartford21 Covered Parking.

    Hartford21 is a great place to stay.Guests from diverse locations from around the globe who have stayed at Hartford21 apartments either for business, work, study or just plain touring have given excellent reviews of the fabulous 36-floor mega apartment complex in Hartford,Connecticut.
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