Quibids.com - Is QuiBids The Best Online Bidding And Auction Website?

Quibids.com is an online auction website that is intended to facilitate online auctions and make them safe, exciting and reliable. The website gives its users an opportunity to win lots of prices at the lowest prices possible.


  1. Quibids.com was started in 2009 and is based out of the Oklahoma City and the main agenda was to make online bidding and auction fun and safe.

    How QuiBids works.
    Quibids works by the use of bids which normally cost 0.60 dollars and can be bought in bid packs from the QBar or the Bid store. The bids are normally prepaid and they are stored on the Bid credit section of the QuiBids account user. At any particular moment when you place a bid it will be subtracted from your remaining bids and subsequently increasing the price amount of the auction by a single cent. A time period of 20 seconds is normally added to a particular bid so as to allow a different individual to bid. Wins are normally executed to the person who pays the last bid and on completion of the shipping costs the particular item becomes yours. The bidding process involves the following steps.

    Steps of bidding on QuiBids.
    • Create an account, login and buy bids.
    A new user is required to create an account by following simple steps that will capture your details and thereafter you will confirm your account via email for the account to be activated. Once this is done the next step involves you purchasing the bids in bid packs. The bids cost 0.60 dollars and payment for the bids can be done through the American Express, Pay Pal, Discover and also through the visa card. Once the payment for bids is done the bids will be added to your specific account. It is also possible to use third party QuiBids software  to help with bidding at QuiBids.

    • Identify an auction.
    At Quibids there are a variety of products that are displayed with which you can browse and check the features before you can place a bid. Go through the products and place a bid when you feel like. The site displays many products that range from electronics to home appliances and other goods that are always new and supplied by the manufacturers.

    • Place your bid.
    When you identify a particular product then you should place a bid by clicking the bid button in the website. For every bid that you make the system deducts one bid from your account and subsequently adds more time to allow other participants to bid. The website has a Bid-O-Matic feature that you can use to make bids when you are not on the computer. The system when set will automatically place bids on your behalf.

    • The winning moment.
    When the timer reaches zero and you happen to be the last bidder then you become the lucky winner of the particular product. The process will involve selecting the product from the available choices and then proceeding to checkout where you will finalize other documents.

    • The use of the Buy Now feature.
    This feature enables you to purchase a product by utilizing the number of bids that you placed. The real value of the bids you placed will be calculated and then the subtracted from the real retail price of the product. The feature works on any product within two hours after a winner has been identified on a particular product.

    Get Your First Quibids Auction Win with these Useful Tips 

    You can win on Quibids.com but the road to success is a bumpy one. You must not rely on pure luck because lady luck might not be on your side all the time. You must have a combination of perseverance, well-designed strategy, innovative thinking and sheer luck. If you are a newly registered Quibids member, you might find it difficult to start right away so the best thing to do is to observe the auctions closely. However, watching the auction attentively as it progresses is not enough. You should know which details to take down note to give you an idea on what kind of plan to formulate for the first auction you’re thinking of participating in.

    Jot Down Notes

    Common things that you should ask yourself while watching the auction are;

    ·       how your competitors behave as the time runs out

    ·       when is the best time to jump in

    ·       is the competition tight for this specific product

    ·       do my competitors look like they’re using a software tool

    ·       is there some kind of bidding pattern

    These are just basic questions that you need to find the answers for, to jumpstart your Quibids experience. You will discover the other important things as you improve in what you do. One way to get the hang of playing on Quibids is by understanding the causes that ended the auction. How bidder C won the auction is a question that is not easy to answer because each player has his or her own, unique strategy in winning the auction. So, to you give an idea on how a bidder is able to bring home the bacon, read on the list of tips and strategies for winning on Quibids.

    How to Win on Quibids 

    The first thing you should consider doing is to start bidding in small-scale auctions. By small-scale it means items that cost not over $150 in their market price because there is low competition. In this way, you won’t be able to lose a lot of money right away, which you should try to avoid at most times. The goal is to have a first-hand experience, learn the ropes of the game and have some trial and error of the strategies you have gathered around the internet.

    Place your bid when the timer reaches 15 seconds or earlier. Quibids allows bidders to bid within 15 minutes only, so you also have that amount of time to observe your competitors. Watch out for the aggressive bidders because they are the ones that usually cause confusion. At the earlier part of the auction, they would aggressively place their bids and when the timer reaches to its crucial point like 15 and 10 seconds left, they would stop bidding. Thus, it seems that they suddenly become unpredictable. When none of the bidders bid during the dying seconds of the auction, time for you to jump in and the auction might end with you as the winner.

    Make use of Bid-ninja, a software program specifically made for Quibids and other penny auction sites. It can give you vital information about your competitors’ activities and bidding history so that you will know when they are likely going to place their bids in the game. You essentially have an eye for everything they do while at the auction so you can anticipate their next move. Thus, you can make a wise decision.

    Lastly, if you observed that your competitor is bidding in some kind of a pattern like he places his bids every 10 seconds or when the timer expires, he must be using Quibids bid-o-matic. This tool automates the user’s bidding process and you can easily spot its weaknesses. Bid-o-matic allows 25 bids only so patience is the key on your part to wait until that bidder runs out of penny to bid in the auction.

    An important thing that you should look out for is the trend and best tricks used to bid and win. The following ways can be used to improve the chances of you winning a bid.

    • Always ensure that you place your bids during the last fifteen seconds. This trick will always ensure that you become the last bidder and if the time is added you wil get another chance to place your bid.

    • Always form a habit of bidding on products that are low priced. Expensive goods tend to have very competitive auctions and it is advisable that you bid on low priced goods if you want an easy win. Cheap goods tend to attract fewer bidders and auctions.

    • Make use of the Bid-O-Matic feature. The feature is engineered to always make a bid and stay on top and this can sometimes act as a scaring factor to other bidders who may be scared and give up on the bid making you the ultimate winner. The Bid-O-Matic always bids when the timer tends to drop below 20 seconds. The feature places 3 bids as the minimum and it is also capable of placing up to twenty five bids on a single auction at a time.

    • Always scheme and find out who the other bidders are. While bidding online you should always try and find out about a particular bidder and how he or she operates. If the bidder places bids on expensive products and if he is a frequent bidder on the site. This will also give you a clear perspective of the financial prowess of a particular individual. If you are interested in winning then such auctions should be avoided at all costs. Always go for cheap bids where the competition is not stiff.

    For those people who do not win the website provides a Buy Now feature that is applicable on all the auctions. When you use this feature the cash value of the bids that you placed will be subtracted from the original price cost of the item. This means you only have to pay the balance and you will be the owner of the commodity at retail price. This feature is used to make everybody that uses Quibids benefit.

    QuiBids is the latest online website technology that implements online bidding and auctioning of products in a fair, safe, fun and secure manner. The system enables users to sign up and acquire privileges which enable them to bid on any product that they feel like online. The system is also engineered to enable people to bid on warehouse products, overstock surpluses, manufacture stock, warehouse closeouts, wholesale stocks and other goods. All the goods are new and sealed and come with different warranty's. Customer satisfaction is always guaranteed.

    Become the Next Winningest Quibids Player with Bid-Ninja


    A group of manual strategies may not be enough to get you at the top of the competition. What you may be lacking in your ingredients of success is a Quibids software tool. Quibids is a large penny auction site where tight and immense competition is a norm. If you have a high success rate in penny auctions, you must have a solid combination of luck, patience and innovation. While luck and patience are somewhat innate to a person, you can acquire innovation by trying out powerful tools like Bid-Ninja.

    How can Bid-Ninja give me an Advantage over other Bidders?

    Bid-Ninja is a proven reliable bidding tool for experienced players on Quibids, Deal Dash and Beezid. You can win more penny auctions of valuable consumer products than ever before. The said Quibids software has three parts such as Bid-ninja anywhere auction tracker, autobidder and analytics. These components can be used as a way to monitor your competitors closely as if you are just sitting right next to them.

    Ø  Bid-Ninja analytics is like an “invisibility cloak” that allows you to spy on other unsuspecting bidders. You can use the said feature to acquire complete information of the undergoing auction and the players you are up against. Thus, it can give you some sense of Big Brother-like authority over others thinking that you can anticipate their next move. And when you know that they run out of bids at the last 10 seconds of the auction, you can then make an informed decision.

    Ø  When bidders are out of the Quibids site, they don’t have an instant access to the available auctions of the moment so they will likely miss some opportunities. Thus, players who have the Bid-ninja anywhere auction tracker installed on their computer are given the edge to check out the latest auction updates first, including those that are hidden from public view. Get that almost omnipresent advantage over other bidders with this Quibids software feature. Regardless of where you are on the web, with just one click on the ninja icon, a complete list of penny auctions will be presented before you.

    Ø  Tagged as the “Bid Butler”, the Autobidder feature can assist you in all your current auctions, which is another advantage that you can maximize. For example if you have to run to the convenience store to take a break, you just have to program and setup the autobidder appropriate to your bidding style and strategy. Imagine you can be on the game live and never miss a single opportunity without actually being there. Without it and without you in front of your computer, you will likely miss the chance of winning the auction.


    Why Bid-Ninja is the Best Quibids Software

    There are other bidding software tools available out there in the market, but Bid-ninja is a top-notch. It has robust features that can help you win auctions after auctions and if utilized properly, you might become the winningest player of the day on Quibids. For instance, you can get a $499 iPad for only $22 on penny auction sites, which is unarguably the best deal you could ever have in the market. And with Bid-ninja, achieving the said goal is never impossible.

    As a matter of fact, Bid-ninja is 5-star rated software tool as reviewed by several penny auction site users. Factors like product quality, value and ease of use determined the software’s overall 5-star rating. The customer support is proactive and is available 24/7 to help you address your concerns to the manufacturer. The manufacturer also offers 100% money back guarantee should the Quibids software didn’t perform well as they have promised. Thus, you can guarantee yourself of high customer satisfaction experience.

  2. Is QuiBids.com a Scam?

    QuiBids.com is a type of penny auction or bidding fee auction available at QuiBids.com in which participants buy bids to enable them to compete for great deals on the items they want to purchase. At QuiBids auction, consumers can buy products at a much reduced price. However, it does not operate in the same manner with the traditional auction in sites like eBay; and because of this, there is a lot of misgivings about QuiBids. Many people think that it is a scam. But is it actually a scam? Continue reading to find out the truth about QuiBids.

    The simple answer to the question asked above is that QuiBids is not a scam. First, there are many people that have participated and won auctions in QuiBids. These people are still looking for great deals on items the need via auctions in QuiBids.com. If it is a scam, people will not be winning auctions. There is always a winner in every auction in QuiBids. The fact that you are not successful in the auction does not make it a scam.

    Besides, the site was launched since the fall of 2009. For almost 4 years, people have been buying various kinds of items such as home products and electronics at a lower price. It is now rated as the largest retail website in the entire world. If it is a scam, it will not have a high rating.

    There is the tendency for people that are used to the traditional online auction to misunderstand this penny auction and refer to it as a scam. This is because it does not operate in the same with the traditional online auction. As it has been mentioned above, QuiBids.com is an entertainment auction site. It should therefore be differentiated from the traditional auction. If you have not used the site before, it is advisable that you first understand how it works before entering into auction.

    As a type of bidding fee auction, participants are expected to buy their bids. Having your bids implies that you have the right to participate in the auction. You cannot enter into the auction if you have no bids. One of the reasons why some people call QuiBids a scam is because items are sold far below their market price. The management of the site regains the money and makes tons of gains from the bids sold to the participants. The initial 100 bids are sold for $60 which is $0.6 per bid. Bidders that exhaust these initial bids will also buy more bid packs if they want to continue in the auction.

    As with any penny auction sites, to receive faulty accusations from users and critics is normal. Quibids is a world-renowned penny auctioneer that is believed to be a scam because of its suspicious auction scheme. You probably won’t believe that you can buy an Xbox 360 game console for only $55 through Quibids. You might have seen such an attractive invite on advertisements, but the truth is it really does happen in real life. It is not a false advertisement as Quibids does serious business with their customers. You really can win a $55 Xbox by bidding wisely and outsmarting your competitors in the auction within 5 minutes.

    The reasons why some people call it a scam and reply to them

    According to critics, Quibids utilizes questionable approaches to rip off sums of cash from their registered members. Newly registered players must buy a starter bid pack worth $60 which offers you 100 bids. Simply said, the American penny auction site’s auction format is “pay-to-play”. This format is unsurprisingly being compared to Ebay’s, wherein you do not have to buy bids before you are allowed to join the auction.

    It is important to remember that Quibids is a penny auction site where an actual penny ($.60) is being used by the members when placing their bids. You may be asking why the members have to spend some cash for the opportunity to buy products online, but that’s the trade-off you have to accept when you deal with Quibids. You cannot simply get away with the discounted product without working hard for it but the result is rewarding at least.

    Quibids drags out the entire auction process by giving extended seconds. If you must know, the Oklahoma-based penny auctioneer extends the timer to 15 seconds when any bid is placed within the last 15 seconds of the game. When the auction reaches to a certain price, the timer is reduced to 10 seconds; the same rule as the former is applied here. It is only when the timer has completely expired when a bidder will be announced as the winner. In truth, a 96% discount on the product is not bad after all so why not enjoy the process of “going once, twice, sold!” kind of auction?

    Most of the complaints raised against QuiBids resulted from lack of understanding about the auction and how it works. Some of these complaints could not have been raised if all bidders take time to read the site’s policies and understand how QuiBids works. Here are some of the complaints and why they are made.

    QuiBids is scam because $60 was debited from my bank account: the $60 was the cost for the first bid pack of 100 bids (60 cents per bid).Don’t trust QuiBids; they want to get your credit information: you should not be signing up with QuiBids: the site is backed by BBB just like Amazon and eBay. So, it is not a fraudulent site.You will not win any auction; they will steal your money: people who make these complaints were not successful in their first attempts. They entered the auction hoping to win. They quickly spent all their bids without knowing the nitty-gritty of the auction. When they lost, they shouted and termed QuiBids a scam.It is a scam; I was not refunded for the lost bids: QuiBids is a penny auction in which non-refundable bids are bought by the participants to be able to take part in the auction. This complaint is normally raised because of lack of understanding of the system.

    There are other complaints that are raised against QuiBids. These complaints are the reasons why some people term QuiBids a scam. It is not a scam. If you want to buy any item at affordable price, you can try QuiBids auction. However, to better your chances of winning, you have to play with good QuiBids software like Bid-Ninja. Most successful players make use of the software.

    Why Quibids is NOT a Scam

    Quibids sell and deliver factory-sealed and brand-new items to the customer. The customer only has 7 days to claim the product otherwise it shall be forfeited, so it’s the person’s responsibility to make sure that the product he won or bought is processed immediately.People can win real items. It is not true that no one wins on Quibids, as many previous winners can attest to the fact that the business is legitimate. The company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and was once featured on The Wall Street Journal, The Oprah Magazine and Time Magazine.Quibids is teamed up with bidding software developers and innovators to design bidders an innovative tool that can improve their chances of winning. Bid-ninja is a popular software program in a browser plugin format that is used for making online bidding easier.

    It is aimed at giving you an advantage over your co-bidders. This can happen by giving you a complete inside information about your competitors’ activities, a privilege to automate your bidding process and by giving you exclusive access to hidden auctions and auctions that are currently available.

    Overall, it is important to make an informed decision before participating in online penny auctions. If you think that Quibids crosses the line from being a legitimate business to a scam scheme, there are other penny auction sites available out there that you can visit to see if Quibids does something questionable in their auction process. Sure you can’t win all auctions or you can’t win at all, but it is a gamble that you made on your part. So, take advantage of the many strategies, tools and tips in winning on Quibids to make your experience worthwhile.

  3. How to Win on Quibids - My REAL Review
  4. QuiBids.com Winning Strategies

    QuiBids.com auction is a veritable means through which you can buy things at an affordable price. However, you need to apply the right strategies before you can win in the auction. Continue reading to learn the playing strategies that will enable you to become successful in the auction.

    QuiBids is a type of bid fee auction in which users can buy items below their market value via auction in QuiBids.com. This type of auction is also known as penny auction. It differs from the traditional online auction model in several aspects. The users of the service are required to buy their bids which authorize them to take part in the auction. Each bid costs $0.6 and you are expected to buy the initial bid pack of $60 which contains 100 bids.

    However, buying these bids does not in any way imply that you will win. It is possible to exhaust all your bids without winning anything. Winning depends on your luck and the playing strategies you apply. Since you are competing with other bidders, it is advisable that you apply the right strategies in order to enhance your chances of winning the auction.

    Timing your bid

    If you want to win the auction in QuiBids, it is important that you bid at the right time. Many professionals recommend bidding when the ratio of bidders to auctions is very low. You are more likely to win if you bid at this time.

    When you want to develop your timing strategy, your approach should always be a KISS (keep it simple, silly) approach. Normally, QuiBids auction are busy across the board during the hours of 2am and 9am Eastern Time. This is the right time to place your bid.

    Taking advantage of the tail-end of high-ticket auctions

    Long-running QuiBid auctions offer new bidders good opportunities to use their bids gainfully even though it can be risky participating in them. The strategy presumes that previous bidders having invested too heavily may not be willing to continue when the auction have gone long. If you time your bid very well, you are likely going to take part in auctions that have gone so long.

    Leverage on the bidder’s fatigue

    It is advisable that you start placing bids late at night. Bidding at the wee hours of the night is a veritable means of taking advantage of the bidder’s fatigue. A good number of your competitors may not be able to hang on far at night. Most of them start bidding during the evening time. So, it is more likely that they will be weak before midnight. Some of them that will go to work the next day will intentionally go to bed so that they will be able to wake up early to prepare for work. Therefore, it is more likely that most of the aggressive bidders have become tired by this time.

    Don’t bid on weekends

    You have to keep away from QuiBids auction during the weekend. This is because there are normally a lot of participants in the auctions during the weekend. Many people don’t work on the weekend and so, they have plenty of time to relax and participate in the auction. You are more likely to have many aggressive competitors during the weekend than during the weekdays.

    Be aggressive

    Being an aggressive bidder can pay off in most cases. Most winners in QuiBids are aggressive bidders. By being aggressive in your bid, you will intimidate other bidders and thus enhance your chances of winning.

    Most participants rush into the auctions, used up all their bids and came out without winning anything. But some people always win any auction they participate in because they apply the right winning strategies. QuiBids.com does not work in the same manner with ordinary auction. In some traditional auction like eBay, it is not possible to participate in an auction without winning anything. But this is possible in Quibids. In order to win, you have to apply the right winning strategy. Here are some tips on how to win auction in Quibids.

    Understanding QuiBids auction process

    Understanding how the website works and other penny auctions work is the key to winning in them. Before you enter the QuiBids auction, you should first try to understand how it operates and how it differs from the traditional auctions. For example, in QuiBids, it is possible for a participant to use all his bids without winning anything. But this cannot happen in eBay. Understanding this difference will help you to be very careful and to strategize properly. You should only enter into QuiBids auction if you understand the risk involved in it.

    Don’t be in a hurry to enter into an auction

    Most people have high hope of buying things at a much reduced price. They enter into the auction in a hurry hoping to win. They become disappointed when they do not win anything. It is not good to rush into an auction. You should first of all observe the auction to find out what is going on, how much items are usually sold and the items available for sale. Always think before taking any further step.

    If you have not participated in QuiBids auction before, it is advisable that you start bidding with smaller items before entering into the auction for big items. This will help you to master the auction processes and try out some strategies that you have learnt theoretically.

    Bid conservatively

    Savvy bidders do not throw bid anyhow in order to remain on top always. Rather, they place their bids at the last seconds when others might have exhausted their bids. This strategy requires patience. You have to stay in front of your computer for a while and watch others battle it out. The bid can last for hours depending on the item that is being auctioned.  But you stand a better chance of winning the auction at the last minute when others might have used a lot of their bids. They may not be willing to continue in the auction when it has gone very long.

    Intimidating bids can help sometimes

    As it has been said before, it is not good to bid aggressively. But this does not apply in all situations. Sometimes, using intimidating bid strategy pays off. You can intimidate other bidders especially newbie by bidding aggressively in order to remain on top. However, this strategy is better used when small items like QuiBids voucher are being auctioned.

    Avoid bid vouchers

    Bid vouchers in QuiBids are not used for the ‘buy it now’ feature of QuiBids. So, if you bid for the vouchers and win then, you cannot buy anything with them at the market price. Therefore, you should not bid on them.

    Bid when the competition is low

    The auction is normally highly competitive when there are a lot of participants. Many people enter the auction in the evening time. But a good number of them go to bed before midnight. Only few people remain till the wee hours of the night. The auction is less competitive at that time. So, do not enter auction when it is competitive but bid when it is not competitive.

    Use software

    Many QuiBids software systems have been developed today. One of the most reliable ones is Bid-Ninja. You need to play with the software in order to enhance your chances of winning.

    Take advantage of QuiBids software

    There are several good QuiBids software systems in circulation today.  Most successful users play QuiBids with software such as Bid-Ninja. Playing with software is the best way to win more auctions. You are able to combine skills and strategy with the software.

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