1. When asking Dr. Atraqchi he told us, "Do you know how many people asked me this same question?"
    We are sorry Sir.....things we do for JRMC 202!
  2. We bumped into Nourhan at the JRMC department while while doing our tasks. Since she is a CMA student we expected her to be following up on the news.
  3. "Oh God! I look so ugly, let's take another photo!"
    "Yep! Let's do, we are NOT short on time!"
    It took us a while to take a picture of her.
  4. We were astonished to know that there are 63 active clubs on campus. Why do we only hear about a few?
  5. Habiba El Badrway told us that she is a member in several different clubs. When we asked why is she taking part in several clubs, that was her response.
  6. It seems that what AUC students enjoy most is chilling out between classes with their friends. You can tell that from how there are small group of people scattered around campus.
  7. Hazem was buying food from Cilantro. Yet, she still said that Mcdonald's was his favorite.
  8. Hannah's favorite place on campus is near the plaza, close to the Jameel building.
  9. By favorite place on campus is by the palm trees in front of the Jameel building because they are the closest to most of my classes.
  10. That is the view from the Jameel  building, where most JRMC students spend most of their time!
  11. Now, I will take you through the three best tweets from our classmates' point of view
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