Twitter Scavenger Hunt (TSH)

  1. At exactly 2 o' clock the entire class had access to the assignment that was posted online. We had paired up in groups of two's beforehand, as required. Haneen (my partner) and I  read it carefully because we didn't want to miss any detail. We decided to print out the assignment, which was easier to us than looking it up online, using our phones. We had ten requirements that we needed to fulfill in the time frame of 1:15 hours, which is our usual class time. We started with the easiest requirement, in order to get going. The tweets were both written by Haneen and I, depending on who was the person asking the questions, the other one tweeted.
  2. We first started running through the Journalism and Mass communication Department looking for any professor who was in their office and to ask them the assigned question. After seeing many closed doors, we finally saw professor Al-Atraqchi in his office. Once we had told him who we were and what we needed to do, he seemed not surprised, since he had many students throughout the day doing the exact same thing as we were and asking questions for this assignment. 
  3. While we were in the department we stumbled upon our classmate, Nourhan who was also looking for professors to interview. Luckily, this was our easiest interview. We were done in less than 10 seconds because she knew what we needed from her and gave us a quick answer.
  4. We had difficulties with this requirement because we weren't sure where to start. So we decided to enter the library and find out there something about AUC's academic excellence from the library staff. Davina Ray was very helpful and managed to give us what we needed.
  5. Haneen and I being involved in extra-curricular activities, decided to get information from the Office of Student Development (OSD) and share a little-known fact that even we were surprised with. As usual, the office was very crowded so it took us some time to ask the OSD staff the question, but finally got to it. 
  6. The best thing about this Twitter Scavenger Hunt was that we targeted some of our friends who were helpful and answered our questions. However, when it came to taking pictures and telling them that we'd share them on Twitter and with the class, some (like Habiba here) got shy of being photographed. 
  7. Suhayla seemed the perfect candidate for this sports-themed question. She is a football player and explained to us her passion about the sport. 
  8. When we found a group of girls sitting on campus we though that they'd be perfect for our next question! School spirit.
  9. Hazem Abdel Razek seemed hesitant when we asked him what his favorite eating spot was on campus. At first he looked at us as if we were crazy, but after explaining to him that this is important to us, as it is an in-class assignment that we are graded on, he kindly answered.
  10. We were approaching 3 o'clock and figured we still weren't done, and thought the easiest of all requirements (which included a picture of each one of us) had not been yet done. So Haneen took this picture of me in the area I usually sit in whenever I'm free.
  11. Next up was Haneen. Her favorite spot on campus was also near to mine: the plaza area. 
  12. This guy is Haneen's friend, who made it easy on us to ask and complete this question in no time.
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