The Senior Week Experience

Take a look inside senior celebrations at St. Michael's College.


  1. The celebrations started with the President's BBQ, which President Neuhauser did, in fact, attend. 
  2. That night the school rented out SpareTime bowling for the seniors. We had endless games of bowling. I was terrible, but there were a lot of laps.
  3. On Thursday morning, we had the senior awards brunch. I went to support my peers and to have a tasty breakfast. I was extremely surprised when I was called on stage. 
  4. John D. Donoghue founded the media studies department. His son, Mike, is a professor in the department now as well as a reporter with the Burlington Free Press.
  5. I am extremely honored to have been presented this award at today's #smcvt senior #awards luncheon. :)…
    I am extremely honored to have been presented this award at today's #smcvt senior #awards luncheon. :)… BTak/
  6. I never considered my work with student media outstanding or selfless. I just did my best to produce high-quality work. I was extremely flattered and excited!

    Later that evening, there were more festivities in the 300's field. 
  7. The "Field of Dreams" is a tent filled with food like Skinny Pancake and chinese food as well as a photo booth. The school also brings in kegs. 
  8. After a good night's sleep, I spent the day starting to pack up my room for the last time. I also hung out with my parents and had my aunt do my hair for boat cruise.
  9. Boat cruise was a little lengthier than I would've liked, but overall I had a great time dancing on the boat with my classmates. It was a great final party before Baccalaureate the next day. 
  10. Before the ceremony, we went to Alliot to line up. On our chairs were our letters that we had written to ourselves during Orientation freshman year. I had forgotten what I'd written, but it turns out I made a bucket list. The only thing I didn't do was use the swimming pool. :)
  11. Suddenly, it was time to graduate.