Over the weekend of September 14, the SMC Founder's Society headed to Brown University for the NEACAC Students in Admissions Forum. This is the story as told by social media.


  1. At 2 o'clock on Saturday, the SMC Founders Society crew headed to Brown University in Providence, RI. It was the first time I've ever been!
  2. We stopped for dinner in Burlington, MA and had the STRANGEST waiter. The food was delicious, but the waiter said the most awkward things and made weird assumptions that we were all dating. 
  3. We spent the last hour of the car ride reliving every detail because it was just so unbelievable. At least we have some great new memories.
  4. When we arrived at the Homewood Suites, we convened in the guys room to go over our presentation one more time. After that, we played a game called "Fish Bowl" which is like charades and you try to act out as many things as you can in 30 seconds. It was absolutely hysterical. I was crying because of laughter.
  5. During the game, I spotted a bug which I know as the "mosquito eater." I'm sure there is a more technical name, but everyone looked at me like I was crazy. Sometimes being from the west coast is like being from another planet.
  6. We presented in the first session at the NEACAC conference and started promptly at 10:30 am. 
  7. Our opening slide had all of our Twitter handles and the hashtag: #smcvtroadtrip. While most the room was busy taking notes and not tweeting, we did get a couple shout outs from students in the audience and that was a great feeling.
  8. The keynote speaker at the event was Sarah Dussault (or @DietSarah), who talked about social media and using it in higher education. While she was extraordinarily nice and obviously knowledgable about social media in her industry, I think NEACAC could have had someone from the HigherEd community presenting as the keynote. 
  9. And she tweeted at me, so that was awesome. She does have 79,000 YouTube subscribers.
  10. After the presentation, we went and got celebratory frozen yogurt and went to Brown bookstore to splurge on some gear. Eric and I got matching sweatshirts and they are literally the coziest. Obviously, we don't go there, but it's the first time we presented at a conference and I'm sure there will be more to come from all of us!
  11. @mattc_tkhw, @smc_jaukkuri, and I all swagged out in @BrownUniversity gear #smcvtroadtrip
    @mattc_tkhw, @smc_jaukkuri, and I all swagged out in @BrownUniversity gear #smcvtroadtrip