Christmas Festivities

A Quick Look at Dec 23 to Dec 25 with the Hall Family.


  1. Can't really complain. It meant I was getting some cute clothes!
  2. Aerosole boots in size 10 that fit my skier calves? Yes, please! For $55? Even better. I finally got to use my Macy's gift card that I got from!

  3. I've recently discovered that I would like to pursue PR and Marketing. If that is your interest, Cyndy Hoenig gives great advice!
  4. In case you are wondering, Santa DID NOT bring me a smokin' hot celebrity boyfriend. I better go check my horoscope to check on my love life. :-P
  5. Media and American Politics has stuck with me and I'm keeping up with the latest election news. I thought the Perry and Gingrich news was pretty entertaining.
  6. We finally got the stockings up! Mine has a duck on it! :-P
  7. The family went out to dinner. Clearly, my sister is THRILLED to be with the family once more! It was tasty though! Oysters, calamari, and baked mac & cheese, oh my!
  8. I was pretty excited that my New Yorker subscription will continue past the end of the semester. I really love reading that mag.
  9. The family went on a "forced march" up Diamond Peak. That was my sister and I at the top. It was a beautiful day with no snow.
  10. For dinner, the family and my sister's friend's family went out to the Lone Eagle, a restaurant on Lake Tahoe. It was an all-you-can-eat buffet with prime rib, crab legs, and more food than I could possible try. :) Now, I am sitting in a food coma, wearing my new yoga pants. I need the stretch after than dinner. Merry Christmas to everyone! Enjoy your time off and don't forget to relax! xo