Nicholas Kristof's Hunt for The Woman With the "Half the Sky" Tattoo

Nicholas Kristof spoke at City College of New York March 29 about empowering women. After his talk, he met a woman who informed him that she had "Half the Sky" tattooed on her back. He didn't ask to see it then, but put out the request later over Twitter and Facebook.


  1. Despite traveling to some of the most dangerous regions of the world and having had unpleasant experiences with malaria, mobs and an African airplane crash, when Nicholas Kristof met a woman who had "Half the Sky" tattooed on her back, his courage failed him, beating out his curiosity. His talk at City College had been titled “Half the Sky: Changing the World by Empowering Women,” based on the book he wrote with his wife, Sheryl WuDunn.
  2. Kristof's followers were quick to chime in with their commentary and suggestions.
  3. Travel to war zones, document genocide, defy oppressive regimes - but THIS is the thing that tests your courage. I love that.
  4. I'm not surprised to hear that your book inspired a tattoo--I have a "inspired-by" tattoo as well. That book changes lives!
  5. With Facebook and Twitter followers offering encouragement, Kristof requested that the woman send a picture of the tattoo. 
  6. This prompted more commentary on the part of his followers.
  7. I think that was very respectful on your part and very in keeping with the theme of the book Nick. (or perhaps the other author your wife Sheryl could ask :p?)
  8. Just a few hours after Kristof put out his request, the woman with the tattoo did as requested.
  9. Annie's Twitter timeline provided proof that she was the woman he'd met, as she had posted about attending the talk earlier in the evening.
  10. Kristof's Facebook post nicely summed up the role social media had played:
    The power of social media: Last night I posted about the woman who told me that she had "Half the Sky" tattooed on her back, from my book. Coward that I am, I hadn't dared ask to see it, and so on FB and Twitter, I asked for a photo. Turns out she is Annie Rose Ramos, and she sent this photo. Incredibly cool, don't you think?