Take III: Tom Perkins, The Wall Street Journal, and the Persecution of The One Percent.

Regardless of your point-of-view, the winner is clear: Godwin's Law.


  1. In a letter published by the WSJ, venture capitalist Tom Perkins compared critics of the 1% to that of fascist Nazi Germany and its persecution of Jews. Perkins subsequently apologized for the comparison but not the message. The WSJ editorial page then proceeded to double-down by saying the plight of the 1% is not exactly like Hitler, but it's Hitler-y enough. Ruth Wisse followed up, again in the WSJ, with her own interpretation that yes, Perkins is indeed on to something.

    I happened upon the following Twitter discussion, with @alexqgb filling in just some of the (many) missing pieces of our political economy that the WSJ and others conveniently choose to ignore: Forest, trees, and all that.