[HYPhDUS] Open Science in Seattlle

Seattle was the last step in the West Coast of HackYourPhD aux States. Thanks to Brian Glanz, co founder of the Open Science Federation. I met more than 12 people, I went to prestigious Institutes and Foundations involved in OpenScience and did a presentation during the Open Science HackNight.


  1. Welcome in Seattle : 7 days dedicated to Open Science

  2. The OpenScience tour in Seattle was perfectly organized by @BrianGlanz, cofounder of the Open Science Federation. Thanks to him, I did more than 13 interviews. And he organized also the Open Science HackNight at the Hub Seattle

  3. Brian is also a talented photographer
  4. Here are some pictures, tweets and sounds of the interviews and places I visited during this week

  5. Meeting with Steven Roberts : OpenNotebook, IPython and Github..

  6. Meeting with Jennifer Davison : research scientist at the college of the environment ( Roberts lab is part of this institute)
  7. Visit of Research Commons at the University of Washington

  8.  The space provides a collaborative environment in which students and faculty can come together to share and discuss research, as well as get support for all steps of the research process: searching, writing, publishing, funding.  The Research Commons is a place to collaborate and connect with fellow students and faculty on research projects.  It is a place for workshop and presentation opportunities, and a place to discover what your peers and colleagues are researching.
  9. A space to facilitate creativity and collaboration between researchers and students