Hack for Western Mass 2014

A civic hackathon June 6-8 in Holyoke, Massachusetts where technologists, designers, community partners and more tackled local challenges with technology. http://hackforwesternmass.org #HFCWesternMA #HackForChange


  1. Hackers tackle community problems at Hack for Western Mass.

    Brouillette was amazed at what the young hackers on her team were coming up with to help organize volunteers for the yearly food drive, which was becoming too much for her to handle on paper. She just had to step out of the way.

    “I’m not the last word on this (project),” she said. “I think it’s that 13-year-old over there. He’s calling all the shots.”

    Read Dan Warner's report on MassLive.


  3. Fight Hunger in South Hadley

    Hackers created a web-based tool for Bag the Community to organize 300 volunteers into timeslots and roles for an annual two day food drive in South Hadley.

    They also created a logo, a website, a social media presence and a volunteer recruitment flyer for the organization. More about this challenge. 

  4. Transform a Local Labor Market Report Into an Effective Tool to Tell the Story of Work in our Region:

    A team worked with the Franklin Hampshire Regional Employment Board to transform a local labor market report from narrative and tables in a Word doc into a visually attractive and interactive web tool for the public, anti-poverty agencies, Adult Basic Education organizations, economic development entities, Chambers of Commerce, and educational institutions. More about this challenge.