"Evita" Broadway production 2012

The revival of the 1978 musical "Evita", by Andrew Lloyd Webber, opened on Broadway this April. It focuses on the entire life of Argentine political leader Eva Perón, the second wife of Argentine president Juan Perón.

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  1. The cast to the revival will pack a punch of Latino flavor as well as superbly talented actors from around the world, promising to make the musical a hit. The star cast includes Elena Roger (Argentinian), Michael Cerveris (American), and our very own Ricky Martin (Puerto Rican/Spanish).
  2. The Argentinian actress, Elena Rogers, plays the lead role of Eva Peron. The role which brought reigning success to past actresses Elaine Paige, Patti LuPone, and Madonna promises to make a large positive shift with a Latina actress. 
  3. Ricky Martin, the renowned Latino singer and actor also landed a lead role on the musical. He plays the lead of Che Guevara and has attracted large audiences and attention from Hispanic Media Sources. Martin believes the musical brings a big touch of much needed "Latin flair" to Broadway.
  4. Reviews on "Evita" have been positive and enthusiastically received.
  5. Evita with Broadway Spectacular
  7. HSNews recommends you don't miss out on this musical revival!!! Watch how Latinos support Latinos.
  8. Beautiful and inspiring time at the opening of EVITA on Broadway last night!!! Thank you Elena Roger for invited us again, your energy on stage and out of the stage is lovable. Thank you Ricky Martin for being so cool!!!
  9. "...this musical combination of history pageant and requiem Mass feels about as warmblooded as a gilded mummy." -- Ben Brantley on the new EVITA revival. Uh oh...