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  1. The top stories on our social channels this week: A cartoon strikes back at American drone policy in Yemen; Middle East news from Syria, Israel and Iraq; and an article from June about the only man to have escaped a North Korean camp for political prisoners becomes the number one story on Reddit. 
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    "Israel's military is ushering in 2014 by forcing more Palestinian families out of their homes. Defense Minister Ya’alon should suspend this unlawful eviction and end illegal demolitions of Palestinian property."
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  6. Russia: Village Cut Off by Sochi Olympic Construction
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    UN Sets Inquiry into North Korea Prison Camps 
    Only one person, Shin Dong-hyu, is known to have escaped a North Korean camp for political prisoners. Guards tortured him, hung him from his ankles and burned him with hot coals. Amid the controversy of Denis Rodman's visit to the country, it's important to remember the human rights abuses suffered by Shin and the 200,000 other people still enslaved in North Korea's camps.