Just a test

Going off topic for the joy of it.


  1. The WSJ goes for the hard news -- as always -- but the real question is, will they finally be able to admit that salsa has overtaken the waltz on the awesomeness meter? Or is the fox-trot still king? 
  2. And if there's no gun on top of an SUV, is the SUV still manly? 
  3. Thank goodness! Someone reporting on the Game of Thrones. I thought I'd never see anything about this ever, it's such a non-starter, oh wait, I mean, clearly everyone's into it...
  4. What better to follow up a post on a violent TV show than with an dull video by an awesome metal band... 
  5. Iron Maiden - Run To The Hills
  6. Ok, bringing it down a notch with a single off an album put out by Ghostly International. Time to embrace the mellow and landscape shots involving muted sunsets.