Xenophobia Wins in Italy: Daily Brief

Plus: Double-speak by rights abusers Russia, Syria and China; HRW welcomes Saudi crown prince to United Kingdom with video; Why Is FIFA condoning the repression of women in Iran?; and one of the world’s longest imprisoned journalists has been released.


  1. Xenophobia, anti-establishment populists, and the far right are the winners of this weekend's elections in Italy. This is an alarming development for the European Union and human rights.
  2. Some positive news on Syria from the Human Rights Council in Geneva this morning, as member states adopted a resolution on the crisis in Eastern Ghouta. As UN Secretary General Guterres said earlier: "It is high time to stop this hell on earth."
  3. The regime in China is also a master in double-speak. The country wants the world to believe it is a model citizen when it comes to human rights, but a draft 'win-win' resolution at the Human Rights Council betrays the opposite intent.
  4. Saudi Arabia's crown prince Mohammed bin Salman is visiting the United Kingdom this week, a good moment to discuss the devastating war in Yemen and the dismal human rights record in Saudi Arabia. HRW is welcoming Bin Salman with a video, calling on the UK government to stop arming Saudi Arabia, demand reforms for women, and to speak out for jailed dissidents.
  5. Why is FIFA condoning the repression of women in Iran? A good question for Gianni Infantino, the boss of world football federation FIFA, who went to Iran last week for a meeting with Iran's President Hassan Rouhani and who attended a football match with only male fans in the stadium.
  6. And good news from Uzbekistan, where Yusuf Ruzimuradov, one of the world's longest-jailed journalists, has been released from prison after spending 19 years behind bars.