"Women Are The Future!" (Psst: We're Here Already): Daily Brief

Celebrations to mark international Women's Day #IWD2018, plus: asylum-seeking women and kids still face terrible conditions on Greek islands; renewed bombing and reports of chemical weapons attacks in Syria's eastern Ghouta; & 'Shawkan', the jailed Egyptian photojournalist, faces death penalty...


  1. The United States Holocaust Museum has stripped Burma's Daw Aung San Suu Kyi of a prestigious human rights award presented to her in 2012. Aung San Suu Kyi has remained largely silent during the Burmese military's campaign of ethnic cleansing against the Mulsim Rohingya. Her failure to condemn the attacks that have driven hundreds of thousands from their homes is a devastating disappointment for a once renowned human rights defender.
  2. A German court has found members of an anti-refugees group guilty of terrorism and attempted murder for their role in violent attacks on asylum seekers, migrants, and local German politicians in 2015.
  3. From earlier today: Today is International Women's Day, and while there's much to celebrate there is still a long way to go on many issues. Firstly, there the matter of pay equality and women's rights in the workplace...
  4. Then there's the pervasive problem of child marriage, which causes girls to miss out on school and become mothers too young.
  5. There's the plight of women journalists, who face imprisonment, sexual violence, cyber harassment, and even death.
  6. There's also the difficulties faced by women who suffer domestic violence, which is why it's so important that European states ratify the Istanbul Convention.
  7. Things are also not easy for some women in Iran, who can be jailed just for removing their headscarves.
  8. Meanwhile, in some countries in the Middle East women can still be forced to marry their rapists, adhere to the kafala system where they become the property of their employer, or be subjected to a male guardianship system.