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Trump's Bromance with Duterte: Daily Brief

Plus: Far right march in Poland; Courts in Guatemala are jeopardizing the fight against impunity; New law criminalizes torture in Lebanon; Assad's "Starve or surrender" strategy in Syria; Epidemic of police killings in Brazil; #FreeNazanin.


  1. White nationalists demanded "ethnic purity" and shouted racist and anti-Islam slogans during an Independence Day march on Saturday in Warsaw, Poland.
  2. This week, UN Security Council members have a rare opportunity to address Venezuela's crisis and send a clear message that abusers will be held accountable. Venezuela's tailspin has resulted in a humanitarian crisis, a descent into dictatorship, a brutal crackdown, and emigration by the hundreds of thousands.
  3. From 2002 to 2008, Colombian army brigades murdered more than 3,000 civilians and recorded their deaths as enemies killed in combat. Soldier testimony pointed to an incentive created by the military to increase body counts. And recent investigations confirm this.
  4. From earlier today: United States President Donald Trump and Rodrigo Duterte, leader of the Philippines, have cemented their bromance "built on a foundation of Trump's already well-established affinity for "strongman leaders with well-documented history of abusing the rights of their citizens," during the ASEAN summit in Angeles, near the Philippines' capital Manila. Trump didn't publicly mention the human rights crisis in the host country, where thousands of people have been killed in a "war on drugs."
  5. ASEAN leaders also don't seem to be addressing the ethnic cleansing campaign against Rohingya Muslims in Burma.
  6. The remarkable progress Guatemala has made in prosecuting corruption and abuse could be reversed if the country’s highest courts don’t stop the egregious delays that are keeping powerful defendants from going to trial, according to a new HRW report released today.
  7. A new law criminalizing torture is a step forward for Lebanon, but falls short of civil society expectations and Lebanon’s obligations under international law.
  8. The Assad regime and its allies in Syria have committed crimes against humanity through their “starve or surrender” strategy and sieges that have devastated areas controlled by the opposition, says Amnesty International in a report that was released today.
  9. Members of Brazil's Chamber of Deputies should think of Luan Gabriel de Souza's death when they vote, in the next few weeks, on a bill that could improve investigations of killings by police. Last year police officers killed 4,224 people in Brazil...