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  2. Interview: Licensing LGBT Discrimination in the US
    Across the United States, state laws are being passed or debated that would allow businesses, adoption and foster care agencies, and even healthcare providers to discriminate against LGBT people. The laws claim – disingenuously – to be nothing more than an effort to protect business owners’ or providers’ religious freedom. Philippa Stewart speaks to researcher Ryan Thoreson about the real impact of these laws.
  3. Scores of Rohingya Villages Bulldozed in Burma
    “Many of these villages were scenes of atrocities against Rohingya and should be preserved so that the experts appointed by the UN to document these abuses can properly evaluate the evidence to identify those responsible. Bulldozing these areas threatens to erase both the memory and the legal claims of the Rohingya who lived there.”
  4. Take Action: Tell Jewelers to Come Clean
    People spend billions on jewelry every year. But most jewelry brands can’t guarantee their products aren’t tainted by human rights abuses. We're asking them to start doing just that. Join our campaign here.
  5. Does Ethiopia’s New State of Emergency Dash Hopes for Reform?
    On February 17, Ethiopia’s Defense Minister Siraj Fegessa declared a six-month state of emergency, appearing to end, for the time being, hope the government would undertake further reforms to open up political space.
  6. Alleged Summary Executions by Afghan Special Forces
    On the evening of January 31, the Special Forces Unit of the National Directorate of Security (NDS) backed by US airstrikes began an offensive against Taliban insurgents in the Band-e Timor area of Maiwand district and the Reg area of Panjwai district...
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  11. Burmese Government Demolishes Rohingya Villages