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  1. The 5 Most-Read Stories of the Week

  2. Minority Region in China Collects DNA from Millions
    DNA and blood types are being collected through a free annual physical exams program called Physicals for All. It is unclear if the participants of the physicals are informed of the authorities’ intention to collect, store, or use sensitive DNA data.
  3. #OpenTheIslands: End The Asylum Crisis on Greek Islands
    Winter is nearly here, and more than 15,500 asylum seekers are trapped on Greece’s islands in worsening weather conditions. But the Greek government can change this. We need your help. Tell the Greek government that by the time winter hits on December 21, no one is sleeping outside in the cold.
  4. North Korea’s Brutality Laid Bare
    Ji Hyeona, a North Korean woman detained by Chinese authorities and forcibly repatriated after each of her first three attempts to flee North Korea, described her harrowing experiences at the United Nations today. In her deeply moving testimony, she explained how North Korean officials beat her and fed her only rotten food before she finally managed to reach South Korea on her fourth attempt.
  5. Raped, then Assaulted by the Afghan Justice System
    “I will never report such a case again,” said Farida, a midwife in rural Afghanistan, after a judge humiliated her in a public courtroom for her efforts to document a case of sexual assault involving two child victims.
  6. UN Security Council Meeting a Chance to Act on Myanmar
    “If the pledge to ‘never again’ allow atrocities means anything, the Security Council cannot delay action any longer."
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  9. Facebook's most discussed...
    Thousands of Rohingya - including hundreds of kids - were slaughtered in just one month in Burma. Most were shot, some were burned alive, others were raped to death. More in the HRW Daily Brief.
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  12. Drones in the Service of Human Rights: Using Robotic Technology to Research Waste Burning in Lebanon