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  1. The 5 Most-Read Stories of the Week

  2. “Have You Considered Your Parents’ Happiness?”: Conversion Therapy Against LGBT People in China
    "The psychiatrist told my mom: ‘Homosexuality is just like all the other mental diseases, like depression, anxiety, or bipolar. It can be cured…. Trust me, leave him here, he is in good hands.’"
  3. 'The Darkness of Humans’: Investigating Mass Rape in Burma
    One of the military’s most feared weapons is mass sexual violence, with untold numbers of women and girls brutally gang raped by government soldiers. Human Rights Watch’s emergencies women’s rights researcher, Skye Wheeler, tells Stephanie Hancock how she was able to investigate these disturbing crimes.
  4. The Price of Campaigning for the Opposition in Russia
    In August, when 23-year-old Ksenia Pakhomova became head of the Kemerovo regional campaign office for leading opposition figure Alexei Navalny, she had no idea the price she would pay.
  5. Talking About Harvey Weinstein in South Korea
    South Korea has a serious problem with harassment and violence against women. It was recently ranked an abysmal 116 out of 144 countries when it came to gender equality. Government promises to change this should be enforced.
  6. Democracy Faces Death in Cambodia
    “Prime Minister Hun Sen seems afraid that he will lose elections scheduled for 2018, so he is using the nuclear option to destroy the opposition."
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  12. Widespread Rape in the Ethnic Cleansing of Rohingya in Burma