1. The lawyer and activist Asma Jahangir, who was a "beacon of hope for millions", had been laid to rest in Pakistan. As in life, Asma defied regressive and patriarchal traditions in death, with her funeral attracting a huge crowd of women, men and children.
  2. Refugee women and children face a heightened risk of sexual violence amid tensions and overcrowding at reception facilities on Greek islands.
  3. With the introduction of new bills in parliament this week, Hungary's government is strengthening its anti-NGO smear campaign.
  4. Chemical weapons attacks on civilians in Syria are beginning to attract a growing community of denialists, which sets a dangerous precedent.
  5. A new German law that compels social media companies to remove hate speech and other illegal content can lead to unaccountable, overbroad censorship.
  6. Relatives of the journalist Bobomurod Abdullaev, who has been detained in Uzbekistan since September 2017, allege that he has been tortured in custody.
  7. The world footballing body FIFA has made a surprising choice in authorizing a World Cup 2018 training camp in Chechnya, which is marred by extrajudicial killings, torture and forced disappearances. Out of dozens of options, Egypt’s national football team chose Grozny, Chechnya’s capital, for its base during the tournament.
  8. The record-low rate of permits issued by Israel for Palestinians seeking vital medical treatment outside Gaza underlines the urgent need for Israel to end its decade-long closure of the Gaza Strip.
  9. All United States presidents have, to some degree, downplayed concerns about human rights in order to get things done with unsavory foreign partners. But none has seemed so eager as President Donald Trump to align with autocrats as a matter of course, and the harm goes beyond mere words.
  10. A malnutrition crisis has killed dozens of people in Papua, Indonesia, where authorities are still severely restricting access to independent media.
  11. And this Valentine's Day, remember to ask jewelers where they source their gold and gems from, and what they are doing to ensure human rights abuses are not present in their supply chains.
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