1. Last weekend’s release of 82 missing Chibok schoolgirls abducted by Boko Haram in Nigeria three years ago was wonderful news for their families. But the government's bizarre decision to publicize the names of the traumatized girls marred the celebration. 161 out of 276 Chibok girls abducted in 2014 have been released or escaped. Unfortunately, hundreds of other abducted children in Nigeria remain missing as well.
  2. Massive protests continue in Venezuela, and the government is responding by trying civilians in military courts. As tensions rise, the need for an international intervention grows. Venezuela's political and humanitarian crisis is deepening, and you can follow all the breaking news here.
  3. Indonesia just hosted events marking World Press Freedom Day, a curious choice given the threatening atmosphere for journalists in the country. But now an Indonesian official has confirmed the continued existence of a system obstructing foreign reporters from reaching Indonesia's beleaguered Papua and West Papua regions.
  4. From earlier today: The people of France have elected Emmanuel Macron to be their new president. The centrist liberal candidate won over 65% of the vote in the second round of presidential elections against Marine Le Pen, candidate for the far right Front National. “It’s very encouraging news for France and Europe that French voters rejected a platform that played into xenophobic populism,” says HRW's France director Bénédicte Jeannerod.
  5. New evidence has emerged of dangerously subpar medical care in United States immigration detention at a time when the Trump administration is seeking to increase its use, according to a new report that was co-published by HRW and released today.
  6. It is about time for an independent international investigation into the 1000s of extrajudicial killings in the Philippines during president Rodrigo Duterte's brutal "war on the poor."
  7. United Nations institutions have recently racked up an impressive string of credibility-damaging decisions regarding Saudi Arabia and its horrendous human rights record. Last week, UNESCO held its international NGO Forum in the kingdom, a slap in the face to persecuted Saudi activists...
  8. A Tripoli-based activist, Jabir Zain, remains missing after being abducted in September last year, by an armed group linked to the Interior Ministry of the United Nations-backed Government of National Accord in Libya.
  9. “All Iraqis have the right to live in safety, and forcing displaced Turkmen families out of their homes to parts of the country where they would be in danger is particularly egregious,” says Lama Fakih, HRW's deputy Middle East director. “KRG forces should cease harassing Turkmen and unlawfully forcing them to leave Kirkuk."
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