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Investigate Iran Protester Killings: Daily Brief

Plus: Global war on women bigger than #MeToo; Ukraine orders investigation into lawyer's murder; Syria's barrel bombs; land activist murders on the rise; pro-democracy march in Hong Kong; press freedom woes; why 2018 could be worse than 2017; gender equality in Iceland; & LGBT progress in Nepal.


  1. Today, Ethiopia’s ruling coalition announced it would release political prisoners and close the infamous Maekelawi detention center in the capital, Addis Ababa. This is welcomed news, and another signal that Ethiopia is listening to calls for change. But will it end other human rights abuses and its curtailing of free expression?
  2. In more good news, Iceland has made it illegal for men to be paid more than women. Gender wage gaps present a fundamental obstacle for women in attaining equal status with men. It's time for other governments to follow Iceland's lead and for all countries to end gender discrimination in the workplace.
  3. French President Macron has set a 2018 goal to combat "fake news." A new bill would punish websites that distribute purported disinformation during elections. But this could also have negative impacts on free press and the work of journalists in France.
  4. From earlier today: At least 21 people have been killed in nationwide protests in Iran which began last Thursday. Hundreds of people have been arrested, and authorities have also shut down certain social media outlets in an effort to quell the protests.
  5. 2017 was "ferocious" in terms of women's rights, and capped by the #MeToo movement. But going into 2018, the fight for equality is about much more than just #MeToo.
  6. Authorities in Ukraine have opened an investigation into the killing of a lawyer, Iryna Nozdrovska, who'd been working on a high-profile case that was seen a test of the country's justice system to prosecute people with links to people in power.
  7. A new report by the Syrian Network for Human Rights suggests that Syrian regime forces have dropped nearly 70,000 barrel bombs in the country since July 2012.
  8. Impunity is the top reason why killings of land activists are on the rise around the world.