Celebrating Women on International Women's Day

Also: Women human rights defenders around the world; taking off head scarves (if we want to!); taking on child marriage; fighting through virginity testing, and elevating female voices in film and the world.


  1. It's International Women's Day 2018, and women have something to say.
  2. Around the world, women human rights defenders speak up for what's right in their homes, the workplace and around the world.
  3. Some even risk their lives to do so.
  4. Every woman should feel safe.
  5. Meanwhile, in some countries in the Middle East women can still be forced to marry their rapists, adhere to the kafala system where they become the property of their employer, or be subjected to a male guardianship system.
  6. Things are also not easy for some women in Iran, who can be jailed just for removing their headscarves.
  7. Then there's the pervasive problem of child marriage, which causes girls to miss out on school and can lead to health problems when they become mothers while too young.
  8. And then there's police and army recruits in Indonesia, who still have to pass unscientific and abusive "virginity tests" to make the grade.
  9. Women who are refugees or who have lost their homes face sexual harassment and sometimes even detention and deportation.