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Human Rights Watch Daily Brief, 10 September 2015

Refugee crisis; atrocities in Darfur; media freedom in Ecuador; tall tales from Uzbekistan; a fatal request in India; Saudi executions; why Obama should meet China activists; war on hold in Ukraine; child labour in Burkina Faso.


  1. The stream of refugees heading into Europe continues. Things are particularly urgent in Hungary, with the army there preparing new plans to prevent refugees from entering the country.
  2. A Sudanese government special force has gone on two sprees of killings and mass rape in Darfur, Human Rights Watch has said in a new report. The abuses against civilians may constitute crimes against humanity.
  3. In Ecuador, the Correa administration is moving to shut down the country's leading media freedom group, Human Rights Watch has warned.
  4. Relying on official sources of information in Uzbekistan has always been a challenge, and authorities' accounts of two recent security incidents have raised more questions than they've answered.
  5. Seeking information from your own government shouldn’t be a death sentence, but the recent killing of an activist in India highlights the risks people face when requesting official data.
  6. Saudi Arabia's execution toll has just risen by one, to reach 135 people killed so far this year.
  7. US President Barack Obama should meet with activists from China prior to his September summit with Chinese President Xi Jinping, a group of human rights organizations has said.
  8. While there is currently a welcome lull in hostilities in the city of Donetsk, the peaceful aura is sadly only an illusion, because both sides have their weapons at the ready.
  9. Finally, Switzerland imports tonnes of gold from Togo every year. But there's one small hitch: Togo doesn't actually produce any. Instead, the gold comes from small-scale mines in Burkina Faso, where child labour is rife.