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Joy In Zimbabwe As Mugabe Resigns : Daily Brief

Plus: Verdict due for "Butcher of Bosnia"; male rape in Syria; sexual abuse in Pakistan's madrassas; a long cold winter in tents looms for asylum seekers in Greece; Indonesia's abusive 'virginity tests'; US Coast Guard shackling smugglers on ship; political killings in Kenya; & tech woes in China.


  1. Zimbabwe's long-time leader Robert Mugabe resigned as President yesterday, sparking wild celebrations. Zimbabwe's former vice-president, Emmerson Mnangagwa, is due to arrive back in the country today and is expected to be sworn in as president imminently. Despite the euphoria, it's likely that the military's "vice-like grip" on political affairs in Zimbabwe will continue in the post-Mugabe era.
  2. Ratko Mladic, the former "Butcher of Bosnia", is due to receive his verdict today after being tried for war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity.
  3. New research suggests that male rape and sexual torture are an enormous problem in the conflict in Syria.
  4. And there are also disturbing reports on how widespread sexual abuse is in madrassas - or religioius schools - in Pakistan.
  5. Winter is coming on the Greek islands, but thousands of asylum seekers risk spending another long cold winter living in tents.
  6. The Indonesian government’s continuing tolerance for abusive ‘virginity tests’ by the country's security forces reflects an "appalling lack of political will" to protect Indonesian women.
  7. In an expansion of the war on drugs, the US Coast Guard is targeting low-level smugglers in international waters — shackling them on ships for weeks or even months before arraignment in American courts.
  8. Political violence has "surged" in Kenya, with people getting killed every day. Authorities there should reign in police abuses and properly investigate the numerous killings.
  9. And finally, there are tech woes in China, with news that the video conferencing tool Skype has vanished from app stores in China, and concerning reports that Apple's new iPhone X was assembled in part by illegal student labour.