1. The International Criminal Court (ICC) has opened an investigation in Burundi, giving victims hope that those responsible for grave crimes over the past two years could be held to account.
  2. A video has revealed the squalor refugees in the Australian off-shore detention center on Manus Island have been living in. The men refuse to leave the center, officially closed since October 31, saying they fear for their lives.
  3. Good news: Mauritanian judges have reduced blogger Mkhaitir's sentence for blasphemy to 2 years of prison and a fine. Prosecutors charged Mkhaitir with apostasy for posting an online article in January 2014 questioning the use of religion to legitimize ethnic and caste discrimination.
  4. Instead of providing a safe environment of trust for treatment and examination, doctors in India continue to traumatize rape survivors. The central government should work with all states to adopt, enforce and implement the 2014 medico-legal guidelines, meant to guarantee respect for women’s and children’s rights to privacy and dignity.
  5. China’s legislature should revise its new draft National Supervision Law to include fair trial protections for corruption suspects. The draft law does not guarantee detainees access to lawyers or family members, and allows them to be held in a secret location for up to six months.
  6. According to documents obtained by the BBC, the UN mission in the Central African Republic released two rebel fighters accused of injuring a UN peacekeeper, a war crime under international law. The men were freed in 2015, shortly before a crucial election.
  7. Mental health issues are often scapegoated in debates on gun control in the US. Yet, there is no evidence that indicates a person with a mental health condition is any more likely to participate in senseless violence than anyone else.
  8. A parliamentary committee in Brazil has voted in favor of a dangerous new constitutional amendment that, if enacted, would prohibit abortion under any circumstances. If it passes, women and girls who do not wish to continue their pregnancies because it threatens their health or resulted from rape will either be forced to continue those pregnancies against their will, or will resort to terminating them clandestinely, risking their health and lives.
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