United for Marriage Equality on Social

Social media is abuzz with fair-minded Americans snapping, tweeting, posting and sharing their support for marriage equality. Stay tuned to the HRC Blog and #UnitedforMarriage for more live updates.

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  1. At over 150 events held in every state across the country, Americans gather to stand united for marriage equality.
  2. "I am a person." We shouldn't have to remind others of this in 2013. #equality #unitedformarriage #lgbtq (photo cred: @naude22)
  3. #unitedformarriage Swishers marching and rallying for love and equality @meusa @swishpride
  4. Making signs for the Marriage Equality Vigil on Monday, the 25th!!! #equality
  5. we love @pvong1 in 3D in our stand on the right side of history t-shirt! #WEAREHRC
  6. Taking over Washington Square Park #unitedformarriage over 80 orgs signed on today.
  7. Will be rocking this until March 26 in support of marriage equality. #march26#supremecourt#deciding#defintionofmarriage#marriageequality#equality#hrc#humanrightscampaign
  8.  The majority of Americans -- 58 percent -- stand in support of loving, committed same-sex couples. Together we're moving forward on the road to equality.
  9. Wear red on March 26th to show support for marriage equality. This is the day the Supreme Court will hear two cases regarding equal rights. #hrc #unitedformarriage #gay #instagood #marriage #noh8 #love #california
  10. There's still time to get involved. If you can't make it to one of the 150 events across the country, you can follow the hashtag #UnitedforMarriage. Don't forget to update your Facebook and Twitter cover photos and wear red tomorrow as a sign of solidarity.