Learning Spaces Week at Harvard

June 8-11, 2015


  1. The Harvard Initiative for Learning and Teaching (HILT) and the Teaching and Learning Consortium (TLC) organized the inaugural Learning Spaces Week at Harvard June 8-11, 2015.
  2. Akin to an academic scavenger hunt, participants were encouraged to explore innovative teaching spaces, hear from experts ranging from architects to technologists to physicists, and share their own discoveries and insights.
  3. Over 200 Harvard affiliates participated in the four day event that featured spaces at every school at the University as well as the libraries and museums.
  4. Monday, June 8: "Yard Plus"

  5. We kicked off Learning Spaces Week at Harvard in the SciBox, a 2,500 sq ft space in the Science Center designed as an experimental "black-box" classroom by physics instructors Melissa Franklin and Logan McCarty. In her remarks, Franklin stressed that transforming learning spaces at Harvard is largely about transforming how faculty and students feel when walking into a place. She and McCarty created the SciBox as a raw, flexible space which encourages mobility and collaboration, a space where students can learn in a hands-on environment with permission to experiment and make mistakes: “If you don’t break things, you are not learning anything.”
  6. The day's featured spaces were at the Law School, the Divinity School, the Bok Center, and Lamont and Widener Libraries.
  7. HILT 47 Logan McCarty and Melissa Franklin