Last Week Tonight - Social Media Writing


  1. A freshman series entering into the hilariously-competitive late night arena, Last Week Tonight sought to differentiate and elevate its social media content. To accomplish this feat, Last Week Tonight extended the show’s voice across YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to engage fans between episodes. With a social portfolio boasting over 4.6MM fans, Last Week Tonight has created an interactive strategy that has fostered continued social success.
  2. Last Week Tonight - YouTube: 2.6MM Subscribers
  3. Last Week Tonight - YouTube Channel
    Last Week Tonight - YouTube Channel
  4. Crucial to the show’s success has been its ability to integrate social call-to-actions within on-air segments encouraging fan participation. Last Week Tonight’s hashtag campaigns have been so successful at inciting viewer participation socially, that these segment-specific hashtags were mentioned almost as frequently as the official show’s hashtag on Twitter. In addition, for the days following the airing of the episode, the show’s social profile continued to fuel chatter and elevate creative responses from fans.
  5. Last Week Tonight also extends its on-air segments into fun microsite extensions which drive significant buzz for the show across digital and social media.
  6. Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption- a real church created with John Oliver at the helm sought to collect 'seed' money from fans to prove how easy it is for corrupt religious entities to steal money from innocent parishioners. With the help of social promotion, the site received over 3.5MM site visits, the most of any LWT site to date.
  7. Another of the show's strengths has been its ability to lean into controversial topics on social media using self-deprecating humor.