Game of Thrones: International Rescue Committee Campaign


  1. HBO, Game of Thrones and IRC partnered to launch a multiplatformed campaign that would activatefans of the show.
  2. Join Game of Thrones Cast and the IRC to Help Refugees
  3. The goal was to raise awareness of the refugee crisisand to help IRC raise support. The outcome was a campaign that united Game of Thrones and IRC in a common cause, entitled RESCUE HAS NO BOUNDARIES #RealmToTheRescue where the strong connection to the plight touched talent through their direct ties in Europe for some as well as the main site for production.
  4. Game of Thrones Cast & the International Rescue Committee
  5. It brought attention to the international refugee crisis including a spin off PSA with a special call to action that specifically spoke to the plight of the women and children of the crisis who are particularly vulnerable to death, sexual and physical assault, and human trafficking delivered by the female cast who participated in the campaign that all started with one PSA that asked to Rise Up. Stand With US to help rescue and resettle the millions of displaced refugees in danger. The campaign came full circle with three cast members visiting refugee camps in Greece.
  6. Game of Thrones Actors Speak About Their Experiences In Greece
  7. Rescue Has No Boundaries #RealmToTheRescue elevated the awareness of the refugee crisis across various social media platforms through video assets created for the main launch, Greece trip and spotlight features by key talent. Collectively receiving nearly 700K views on Facebook + YouTube, 13.5K reactions and raising over $540K including the premiere experience featured on Omaze). The social impact on Facebook was our most successful in bringing support to this devastating crisis with a reach of over 1 million people.
  8. Game of Thrones Engage With Refugees In Greece
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    International Rescue Committee