Confirmation: Why Anita Hill Matters.

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  1. Confirmation: Why Anita Hill Matters (HBO Films)
  2. "Why Anita Hill Matters" educates viewers about the significance and lasting effects of Anita Hill’s testimony at Clarence Thomas’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing. The short, animated piece dynamically demonstrates the overall impact of Hill’s testimony in a digestible, engaging way, utilizing bright imagery with a distinct, collage-inspired, visual tone. Socially optimized and available to a wide audience, the video introduces those who have never heard of Anita Hill to her legacy; it also expands the knowledge of those who remember her groundbreaking testimony. The video not only historically recounts the testimony but contextualizes its importance for contemporary audiences. Viewers of “Why Anita Hill Matters” are compelled to reflect on the way their lives have been affected by Hill’s bravery and are encouraged to continue the conversation about sexual harassment in the workplace.