#GuildChat for 09/8/17: Cheap & Free Tools & Resources

A collection of this week's tweets from #GuildChat


  1. We all want to create the most exciting and engaging work for our audiences, but it’s not uncommon for those of us in L&D to be asked to work this creative magic with little to no budget to do it with. Thankfully, there are some fantastic tools and resources out there that can help you make things that look like you splurged, but actually cost you little to no money at all. It’s all about knowing exactly where to look to find them.
  2. For this week’s chat we collaborated with Tracy Parish (@Tracy_Parish) to create a #GuildChat that will help us explore the best cheap and free tools and resources out there for L&D. Tracy’s well known for curating extensive lists of inexpensive options, and she’ll share some of her favorites alongside yours.
  3. This chat will not only allow you to share your best cheap tool and resource finds with everyone on Twitter – your tweets from this #GuildChat will also help inform an upcoming eLearning Guild eBook on this very topic!