#GuildChat for 08/18/17: Gaining Perspective

A collection of this week's tweets from #GuildChat

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  1. In L&D, as in many other areas, we are continually bombarded with new ideas, tools, approaches and strategy. Our organizations can change direction quickly adding a new layer of complexity to our daily activities. Even at the project level we can become inundated with influence in the form of stakeholder’s input and new information – enough to cause paralysis!
  2. But is paralysis a bad thing?
  3. It’s in these moments that we realize might be needing to step away and gain a new perspective. It’s not enough to simply pause and re-evaluate information and direction quickly, sometimes we need to detach completely. But how does one do this? Really do this… Is their too much risk from stepping out (way out) for a considerable time period or do the benefits outweigh the drawbacks?
  4. In this week’s #GuildChat we step back to look closer at the act of stepping back. We’ll explore the approaches and exercises in the effort to clear ones head, take a different angle or take a deep breath. How does this work in a complex environment? Can it? What forms does it take? And how do others view one’s who call for a “time out”. Have you stepped out? How did it work out? Join us!