#GuildChat for 06/30/17: What’s In a Name?

A collection of this week's tweets from #GuildChat


  1. Many industries use a variety of terms to describe what they do or what they provide. Typically, these are very foreign to those outside of that space and need further explanation and context. Yet, many will have a slightly different perspective as the terms are vague.
  2. L&D is no different. For example, although “elearning” the term has been around for decades, it means different things to different people. Does it imply an online course only as many see it? Or does it mean any thing learned on a computer? Can this include electronic performance support as well? Is a 2:16 video elearning?
  3. In this week’s #GuildChat we’ll tap the community to shed more light on the terms we use, what they mean? What they should mean? And how they are being used differently by different groups for different purposes? So, jump aboard the Buzz Bus and have a seat with the likes of “Digital Learning”, and “Micro-learning” and help the greater learning community level-set on our own industry terminology.