#GuildChat for 06/23/17: Applying New Knowledge

A collection of this week's tweets from #GuildChat


  1. As FocusOn Learning in San Diego comes to a close we reflect on all the great sessions and networking that took place and look to see how we will apply this in our organizations. Members of the Guild are no different. Nathalie Nahai’s keynote on Wednesday in particular revealed many insights on how we can create better value online for the community.
  2. The time to apply new knowledge is usually as quick as you can (we’re all aware of the Forgetting Curve) and we all have our tips and tricks to capture information throughout the experiences but applying, in context, in various ways and levels is what we are seeking to discuss this week on #GuildChat.
  3. So, even if you didn’t attend FocusOn, reflect of those learning experiences you’ve had away from your work and how you began to apply the new knowledge gained when you returned. We’ll see you this Friday and share our own strategies for application.