#GuildChat for 04/7/17: Visual Note Taking

A collection of this week's tweets from #GuildChat


  1. Crafting notes in a visual format can be a very useful exercise for both personal recall and to help others better understand the event they were gathered from; be it a meeting, a conference, a phone call, etc.
  2. Some widely used approaches are sketchnotes and mindmaps. In addition to having the fundamentals down to create them, how can they be created in a manner that adds additional value? Can all event content be displayed visually or does some lend itself better than others to these approaches? Finally, can a mindmap or sketchnote be as good as “being there”? Just a few questions to ponder before we gather.
  3. So, plan to join us this Friday as we take a closer look at the art and *science* of more visual forms of note taking to improve comprehension of event content.