#GuildChat for 03/3/17: Building Partnerships

A collection of this week's tweets from #GuildChat


  1. We can’t do it alone.
  2. That’s statement is no less true in the work of L&D. We need partnerships across our organizations (as well as outside of them) to support the most effective learning solutions possible.
  3. Partnerships can take different different forms as sometimes they are long-term, sometimes short for specific projects, and sometimes they reoccur, periodically reinvigorated after lying dormant for a considerable amount of time. In each case the strategy to build them and those you build them with may be different. Consider how you approach building a partnership with a peer SMS vs. one with an executive stakeholder vs. a group used for feedback.
  4. In this week’s #GuildChat we will explore how we build partnerships to improve organizational performance. Got good tips on working with SMEs or how you gained that coveted “seat at the table”? Or maybe you see answers on the best approaches to use.