#GuildChat for 01/27/17: Sharing Effectively

A collection of this week's tweets from #GuildChat


  1. With a nod once again to the Learning Solutions Conference & Expo happening in March we look to further explore the idea of sharing in L&D
  2. Consider this a part II but don’t be discouraged if you didn’t attend last week. This chat stands on it’s own.
  3. One thread that appeared throughout last week’s GuildChat was the question of how we can best share. It seems such an easy process to share tips, your work or even your opinion with others either face-to-face or virtually and yet we can relate to those seeing ideas misunderstood, posts unread or tips not being implemented. Sharing is simple but can it be made more effective? Are there tried and true methods to sharing in a way that makes more of an impact?
  4. This week we share our sharing approaches, tools, techniques and experience. Join in if you have an approach that has worked or if you are looking for new ideas on how to get more action out of your offerings!