#GuildChat for 01/19/18: L&D Origin Stories

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  1. Our topic for this week’s chat isL&D Origin Stories.
  2. At the end of each chat we invite the community to offer up suggestions for future topics and last week we got several!
    Mike Simmons, a regular GuildChatter and co-founder of Catalyst Sale (who will also be presenting a workshop at Learning Solutions in March) thought we should talk about where learning professionals come from and how they develop. We thought this presented as a good discussion opportunity for you to share how you came to L&D, how you grow in the field, and what steps you’re taking into the future.
  3. With Mike’s help we’re developing this weeks chat, so plan to join us this Friday, January 19th to share your stories from beginning to now and maybe help fledgling L&D professionals learn what to do and what not.